VIDEO PROFILE: Metalero – Alix Vallecillo (2017)

Fans like these don’t come in pairs

 I´ve been bothering my friend Alix for months about doing a video with him. He didn´t understant why I wanted to make him speak in front of camera talking about metal and his life as a metalhead. Maybe that doesn´t sound like a great idea to many but if you know Alix a little bit, you know that he is one of the most dedicated metalheads in LA. He is the fan that any band would want.

I talked to Alix for the first time at a Exhumed show at The Joint in West Hollywood. I had seen him at all the shows I was going but never really talked to him, I´m not that kind of person. For some reason we started talking and besides sharing Spanish as a first language, we shared some personality traits; he wasn´t the typical metalhead that gets thrashed and talks shit about anything that is not metal. He was open minded, progressive in his thinking and music taste, but extremely dedicated to what he loves. The rest is history. I invited him to start writing for Evil Warnings and slowly he got into photography. Is he any good? well, just check these pictures below. Not bad for a self taught photographer right?

The following video was recorded during a couple of hours with Alix around his apartment in Downtown LA. The result is a a very candid and sincere interview about his views about metal, his life in LA and his love for Emperor. Really interesting and eye opening 20 minute video.


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