REVIEW: VULTURE – Godhead (2013) Self Released


Three tracks, twelve agonizing minutes of brutality.

While I’m not the biggest deathcore/sludgecore/whatever brutalcore fan, I always find myself digging for new artists that can bring some fresh air to this rotten scene. Vulture was formed by ex-members of Dr Acula, Demolisher and The Devastated, sadly bands that I never cared about but that I’m happy to see that they are doing something more interesting this time.

This ep, titled Godhead, and that you can get for free at their facebook page, ( is a well balance piece of brutality that stands out from the mediocrity without being groundbreaking.

First of all, this is not a talentless band that is only interested in chugging one string endlessly; they have a certain Ion Dissonance feeling in some of the leads and technical sweeps but all slowed down. Secondly, they are not worried about not playing crazy time signatures all the time, which helps to focus in some other aspects of their compositions. With this having said, the music is highly technical, not at first, but after several spins. The vocals are in some middle ground between Mike Disalvo and a death metal growl which fits the style perfectly. The three tracks have a really cold and atmospheric mood floating around them, and while there are some Meshuggah and The Acacia Strain similarities, they don’t sound like complete clones.

The production is pretty good, heavy and not as sterile as most bands in the genre. As I said before, the musicianship is pretty good without having to play a zillion notes per second. I could live without as many breakdown but they know how to measure them. The best quality of this band would be the use of the guitar leads and the relative intelligence when writing heavy music. I really enjoyed the last track, “Ciphers”, which contains a lot of those interesting leads I was talking about.

I’m not sure if I could listen to more than five tracks like these but that doesn’t diminish the value of this solid ep with traces of something better to come. 7/10



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