REVIEW: V3CTORS – Physis (2013) Alone Records


In Spain there are two bands that have mastered the art of being Meshuggah, the Barcelona quartet Vortice and newcomers V3ctors from Malaga. While Vortice just destroy mercilessly stages with their grooves and Neanderthal attitude, V3ctors are a little more delicate but equally satisfying to the ear. If you are into Djent and modern Meshuggah worship, don’t look any further and give these two bands a chance.

Physis is a very impressive album for sure, at least musically. The band has a great ear for melodies and a tasty way of introducing solos in their monolithic compositions. It is true that this is not the most innovative album but it does what it does pretty well. The production is perfect, the musicianship is top notch and the songs are hard as an anvil. There are seriously impressive tracks here like the instrumental opener ”The Seed (Part II) ”, ”Rebirth”, ”La Causa” or ”Concrete Particle”. Especially “Rebirth” is the track that showcases the best of both worlds for the band with a really good and catchy chorus, a soulful solo and the insane grooves.

But…the album has a few problems:

I know that this is a djent/modern metal/whatever-genre-you-want-to-call album, and that this is the style, but I can’t help to feel that some of the riffs and tracks just melt into each other at times as they follow the same exact formula. Because of this, the album drags a bit towards the end.

The melodic vocals are a bit off for my taste and I get the sense that the singer is trying too many acrobatics. Clean vocal are very tricky and they can dig the grave of a band!

In any case this is a very effective and well thought-out debut for a band that could bring a breath of fresh air into the scene if they are able to add their own personality like Peryphery, Tesseract or the untouchable Meshuggah. 7/10





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