REVIEW: INSENTIENT – Remnants (2013) Self Released


In these days of overcrowded internet forums and websites filled with tons of unknown bands that use the DIY work ethic as a way to release their music, I find myself spending too much time listening to bands that nobody gives a fuck. Even myself.

Most of them start self-releasing albums and ep’s just to quickly face the reality of internet trolls and music magazines that ignore their music. Is it because they are not that good? In most cases it is and that’s ok, but they need to be able to face the painful fact that it is maybe too soon in their career to start releasing albums, even if they are free bandcamp downloads.

What I want to say about this small rant is that these bands that are not mature enough to start a career in the music business, yet, create a curtain of smoke around bands that are really worth listening, and this is the case with Insentient.

Insentient are a young band from Los Angeles that need to get signed right now. This is their first self-released ep titled Remnants, and guess what? It is great. This is pure technical death/trash with catchy riffs, songs that make sense, great solos and epic lyrics. Leslie Medina’s voice brings back memories of Chuck Schuldiner but without sounding like a clone; there are subtle differences in tone and delivery that make her sound alive and engaging as a growler. Medina, who also plays lead guitar,  is backed up by three expert musketeers, Kimberly “Riffmaster” Orellana, James “the L.A equivalent of Gene Hoglan” Coppolino, and William”I don’t use pick and my tone is sick” Palacios. Obviously I just made up those names but they are realated to some of their qualities as musicians.


***Photo taken by April Edwards***

The recording is great for a self-released album, the band sounds compact both live and in studio and it seems like they take their careers seriously.  The design is simple but elegant and epic, not your classic goofy death metal album cover. The album was recorded by John Haddad at the famous Trench Studios in Corona where bands like Intronaut, Abysmal Dawn or Exhumed have recorded. Top notch metal sound made in California!

Again the songs here are brutal and memorable. I love the beginning of “Seethe” when Medina sings “With this fury and this rage I seek to destroy you, yes you…” under a palm muted riff and the pounding double bass. Pure headbanging madness. I can keep naming any of the songs and mention how good they are but the best thing you can do is to catch the band live where they rip, and buy their ep.

Remnants is not groundbreaking which god knows if we need any more classic albums in our lives. But instead, this album is just a well written collection of metal songs with a classic taste that will blow your mind because of its apparent simplicity. Don’t fool yourself, just be ready to headbang. 9/10



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