REVIEW: Exhumed – Necrocracy (2013) Relapse Records


Dear Exhumed:

It’s been a while since we talked to each other I know, but I couldn’t help to feel a little bit bored with your previous releases. It is true that you have always been a great band with very impressive skills and an invigorating live show, but I constantly thought that your music sounded like a train wreck that never happened…disturbing compositions filled with bad ass solos out of control and sickening vocals…sounds perfect right?

I, sometimes, need some variation and dynamics in music and you know that. I remember that night when we were drinking at my house and I looked at the sky and I thought: “God, if Exhumed could bring the tempo down and add some more variations they would be the best thing ever”. Thankfully God heard me and now I’m listening to the best album of your career.


***Exhumed live @ The Vex on April 16th 2013***

I never thought that you were Carcass copycats, that’s going too far and the joke is getting old; we all have influences and I think is cool to add them into your own personality to create something new. Anyway, my letter is just to congratulate you for your new album for several reasons:

-You finally abandoned the gory lyrics which while they were nicely done, were just…gory. Now the new social approach really suits you like a glove like in “Coins Upon the Eyes” which is an amazing track and from now a must play at your shows. The whole theme, album cover, posters  and merchandising included with the album bundle are just refreshing, inventive and really tasty…and crunchy like an old human bone lost in the dust of a wasteland.

-The solos in this album are soulful, melodic and just plain remarkable especially during “The Shapes of Death to Come”, one of the best tracks on this album.

-The variation in the tempos has brought a new dimension to your music which can be seen now as more serious, focused and dangerous. I don’t think you have to play the fastest riffs of blast beats to be heavy, proof of this is the intro of “Dysmorphic”.

Necrocracy has the best songs of your career and while I don’t want to talk about the band that you always get compared to, I see this album as a mix between the songwriting of Heartwork and the catchiness of Swansong.  I love All Guts, No Glory for its relentless and vicious approach but I don’t think is half as memorable as this album. All the songs here are great and they will stay in the head of listeners for sure…right now I’m just obsessed with “(So Passes) The Glory of Death” but a few days ago I was blasting “The Rotting” non-stop.

Alright guys, I don’t want to bother you with my stories, probably I’ll catch you on the road one of these days with Dying Fetus when you stop by in L.A; oh! If you can just say hi to John Haddad from Trench Studios, he did a great job recording the drums once again.

Next time you should record a Christmas based album.

All the best!


Christmas Card



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