REVIEW: Attila – About That Life (2013) Artery Recordings


Sometimes I feel like reviewing the worst albums ever, and this one, depending on who you ask, may be one of them.

“You can do anything in life, just don’t be a fucking bitch” – Middle Fingers Up

Good Start.

Attila’s message may be retarded but I can understand that it appeals to 15-23 year old living the suburban American hell. It is understandable, as the monopolization of the commercial areas by the same boring corporations create closed minded and uniform personalities that think that wearing a black t shirt makes you a Satanist, the younger generations in America have to grow up constantly fighting against the image that the media portraits of what being a “good/normal kid” should look like, eat at or listen to.

Attila is a band of this day and age, designed to shock and bring instant gratification and it shouldn’t be taken seriously. I will defend this band the same way I defend brutal death metal lyrics as they aren’t supposed to be a reflection of the thoughts and ideology of their members, but if these guys really think what they sing about most of the time, they can go and screw themselves, because I’m not going to support it. While the band is not selling itself as a role model, they appeal to a young crowd that is, young/stupid/immature, yes, that goes usually together, and pliable, like I was when I was growing up. With this I just mean that the band is sending mixed messages, in one side we have the rebellious side that stands up against bullies and encourages you to be yourself, but on the other side they have this wannabe rapper persona that just doesn’t match.

“If You Hate Gay People You Should Get Your Ass Beat”

In their favor I have to say that instrumentally they are pretty good; the album sounds modern and heavy, and the southern riffs that they throw from time to time are better than some of your favorite kVlt stoner band. The rest of the songwriting is just ok, plain and fairly watered down deathcore with some weird vocals that go from screams, beat-boxing, rapping and gutturals; there are tons of gang choruses and some sweet leads but that’s about it. My main problem with this album is that is just generic with the exception of some riffs and structures. If they were an instrumental band I couldn’t tell who they were, but if they could just tone down their lyrics and try to make them more culturally based on the struggles of teenagers without becoming emo-cliché and try to write songs instead of random parts tied together, that would change a lot for this band.

“Punch A Bully”

If you liked their previous albums, you will like this one. Myself, I just pass, I feel too old and puritan to listen to grown-ups screaming “if you get offended you can suck my dick” but I guess I deserve to suck at least a couple of them for now. 4/10



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