ALBUM REVIEW: Spawning Abhorrence – The Sleepless One (2016)


Lively and methodical technical guitar feast.

I’m totally aware that modern metal is either all about drums or all about guitars, this is a fact. While vocalists keep their talents reduced to some monotonous toilet flush, bass players are nonexistent except during the mid-tempos parts where there is some fret tapping or a little mini solo before the storm of decibels hits you again. That’s why I don’t have a problem with guitars taking over everything in an album, but they need to be as good as the ones in The Sleepless One.

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Spawning Abhorrence is not your typical technical/brutal death band, yes they have some of the elements of the genre that I mentioned before but the guitars rise and shine with an outstanding array of melodies, solos, tremolo picking or any other technique ever heard of. Still, they have managed not to make this album a masturbatory session only for string obsessed musicians. This is a total departure from their previous band or side project called Inquinamentum, a depressive/black metal band where guitar players Reuben Chadwick and Chris Fayers, but you can tell that they were already awesome players.

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The production is modern but not as sterile as most bands; also the programmed drums (?) sound pretty good, spot on sample choice and programming. The bass is audible and has a pretty awesome tone but is not always there. I liked the change of pace that “The Aeonian Dormancy” brings to the table after the two first tracks. The whole album but especially all the tracks individually are excellent. I love how epic “Nethermost” is, the insanity of “Extirpation” or the album opener “The Sleepless One”. The band reminds me of Soreption more than anything because of the palm muted riffs and variety, but I think Spawing are a little bit more groovy and less mechanical…and not as fucking weird. The only problem is that the album is a bit too long, not sure if it’s because of the length time, because of the production or because I’m just simply getting old. In any case this is a minor complaint. You can always put the whole thing on or just random tracks, equally satisfying.

I wasn’t expecting much when I saw the cover of this album but the magnificent guitar work really made listen to the whole thing. This is a savage album but one that is also fun to listen to because of the variety in the guitar department.




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