ALBUM REVIEW: Oligarch – Hypocrisy Oath (2016)


Superb musicianship, perfect production and rabid intensity deserve more praise. 

Ok, where to begin…this band blew me away. I was looking at the support bands listed on the Hellbringer show in LA next friday and saw the name of the band. I usually don’t really expect much from support bands but I always check them out before and during the show. Well, they could easily headline their own tour.

Oligarch come aaaaaaaaall the way from Melbourne, Australia and to my ears they play a very refined war metal mixed with some dissonance and death metal. This mix is devastating. They are a trio and each member excels at playing their instrument. This EP has perfect production too, the drums are incredible played and sound amazing, especially the snare. The guitars and bass have the chunky and greasy putrid scent of death metal especially when things slow down like during the middle section of “Winds of Apocalyptic Incineration.” Most of the EP is fast/midtempo twisted metal with some awesome guitar riffs that will make Morbid Angel turn pale, like during “Suicide by Immolation”. It really helps that the duration of the recording is less than 20 minutes, but I could easily listen to more from this band. Sadly I think this is going to be released on tape, otherwise I would buy it right now.

There are some seriously incredible moments in this EP like the final part of “End All Life”, the whole “Slaves to Imperium” or “Futile Insurrection.” Especial mention to the vocals of this album, painfully credible and beautifully audible and expressive.

This is a really really good EP of a band that needs to be heard. No trends, just badass demanding pure devilish but interesting metal.



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