ALBUM REVIEW: Cytotoxin -Gammageddon (2017) Unique Leader

Ultra technical brutal death metal for those who look for something more than guitar porn and sewer vocals.

I´ll go straight to the point with this álbum. Ok this is a Unique Leader release you clearly know that you are getting into another ultra-technical endeavor. The surprise here is that this album sounds like one of my favorite bands of all time, Beneath the Massacre, but without being so dense. The vocals add more variation and at times end up sounding a little bit like Travis from Cattle Decapitation or as versatile as the guy from Benighted. Many of you may be asking if this is just another pointless masturbatory session from Unique Leader, but I have to scream; Definitely NOT!

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This band besides the frantic sweep picking and tapping madness, has an ear for melodies and really know how t structure their tracks and make them not flow, but fly! For example listen to track number 2 “Chaos Cascade”, four minutes of galloping riffs and never ending riffing but that structurally makes total sense. I love the transition at around minute 2 and the melo death riffs in the same track.


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Even the most ridiculous wankery in this album doesn´t sound like an Origin rip off, and I´m thinking about the sweep picking riff at around 0.30 during “Gammageddon”. This track has also a really cool tapping mini solo around minute 2.

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The band shows that they can slow things down and be massively effective with just a simple breakdown and some epic guitar solos and underlining melodies during “Chernopolis”, which is one of the best tracks and one that does not even slow down the pace of the album even when it is considerably slower than most tracks.

The last 4 tracks and the final instrumental end up wrapping this album in an impressive fashion, with “Corium Era” and “Outearthed” being stunning standouts because of the qualities mentioned before: instrumental madness paired with interesting melodies, to the point delivery and ultra-catchiness. Production wise I suppose that this is ultra-compressed and empty of any life, but to my ears it is very listenable and sounds crystal clear with all the instruments on their place and doing their finger magic.

As you can see I have massively enjoyed this album. It is ultra-technical and ridiculous, but at the same time has a long lasting quality that makes it stand out the test of time.


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