ALBUM REVIEW: Aversion Humaniatis – Longing for the Untold (2017) Blackseed Productions/Sentient Ruin Laboratories

 Devastating modern sounding black metal with an esoteric edge. 

This is the second álbum of the Spanish band Aversion Humaniatis, a band that I listened to before when they released their first album, the Norwegian inspired ‘Abandonment Ritual’. I say Norwegian inspired because it had that gloomy and kind of sinister guitar sound that we all know and vocals that can be put in the generic category. I would say that the debut was pretty successful at being atmospheric, more than so at being an actual album of songs that can be enjoyed on their own.

Ok, now, this second album is something else. Gone are the poor man´s thing guitars, repetitive drums and depressive howlings; instead now we get a modern sounding black metal album, which is still atmospheric but that is much more vigorous and “macho” than the previous. I think this album sounds fantastic, it blends pretty well black metal sensitivities with modern recording techniques that could fit in the works of the most easy listening tracks from Deathspell Omega. Thankfully there are no weird dissonance pyrotechnics or ultra-mysterious themes, instead we get a more modern sound similar to Schammasch. 

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I really enjoyed how to the point the album is but still has time to put you in the mood like during the second track “Prison of Shattered Glass”. I really enjoyed the titled track too especially after the minute 2.49 when the guitars get out of the tremolo picking and start doing a very efficient palm muting that pair very well with the drums.

I was left a bit disappointed because of the lack of variety when it came to tempos or drum parts which seemed to be a bit similar. I was also disappointed that the band didn´t show a bit more of their experimental side or add some more guitar lines that could add variation. Still, this is a band that got my attention because of their strong and defined sound and their fierce black metal delivery. Now that Season of Mist is getting into signing Spanish bands, this could be a very nice addition to their roster.



CD and LP (Europe) released by Blackseed Productions.

LP (America) and Cassete released by Sentient Ruin Laboratories.


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