ALBUM REVIEW: Besta – John Carpenter (2014) Raging Planet / Black Embers (Brazil) / Ruins Records


***Review written by Alix Vallecillo***

Have you ever decided to listen a bunch of Grindcore just to end up not knowing who are you listening to because the majority sounds exactly the same? I’m sure it has happened to you. Don’t lie. That’s why I am very particular about my Grindcore and feel very happy when I find a good and memorable band. Hey, look! I found Besta!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Necrorite – In Death’s Certitude (2013)


Los Mexicanos desde luego que tienen buen ojo y bueno oído para los sonidos más malignos que salen de las entrañas de la tierra. The Chasm, Denial, VRPI, Morbosidad, Shub Niggurath etc…En este caso Necrorite no es una excepción, a pesar de ser una banda joven. Con el resurgimiento del death de toda la vida en la escena mundial con grupos como Vastum, Oniricous o Grave Miasma, no veo por qué Necrorite no puede ser tu nueva banda favorita.

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INFORMAL SHOW REVIEW: Amon Amarth/Enslaved/Skeletonwitch @ The Wiltern 02/15/14


I didn’t have in mind going the Amon Amarth show at The Wiltern last Saturday just because I don’t really like big shows or festivals. I feel like there is too much bullshit with the security rules and regulations, press passes, expensive beer, waiting lines to go to the bathroom and to get into the venue, and most importantly, if you go alone, the risk of losing your freaking spot. But last minute, I had the chance to get in and I couldn’t say no.

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