SHOW REVIEW: Juggernaught @ Wolmer Arena, Pretoria South Africa


At Evil Warnings we don’t usually let people put their noses into our business, but when Averatu asked me to post this review coming all the way from South Africa, I couldn’t say no. This sounds like a weird time travel into my teenage years in Spain where watching horrid bands were the only option available on a cold Friday night.

Thankfully it seems like at least, South Africa has Juggernaught.

Jaime Viejo

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SHOW REVIEW: Agrimonia, TOAD, Ancestors


So far in the last couple of months I have tried to go to The Complex three times and I haven’t been able. I missed True Widow because my car broke down, I missed Wolvserpent because I got sick and finally I missed Samothrace because my street was closed because of some gang activity going on, so I had to stay indoors. I started to think that I was doomed by some kind of evil entity that wanted me to miss great shows, so when I saw that Agrimonia were playing the venue, I thought “ok, I will miss it for sure, something will happen”. And indeed it did.

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Tomorrow night, The Complex in Glendale, will host one of the most anticipated metal shows of the year. At least for me, Agrimonia’s “Rites of Separation” is one of those albums that only come out once in a lifetime, a spectacular mix of different influences that has so much personality that makes it difficult to categorize. Supporting them we will have TOAD ( Take Over and Destroy), “An American rock & roll band from the 1970’s trapped inside a Scandinavian metal band from the 1990’s” and Ancestors, one of the most underrated bands in the progressive rock/stoner/doom genre. That’s it…I said it.

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REVIEW: Parasitic Ejaculation – Rationing the Sacred Human Remains (2013)


I’ve been considering for years to write a book about the brutal death/slam scene in northern California. Since I discovered Deeds of Flesh through the now defunct Spanish label Repulse Records, I can say that I became obsessively intrigued by the impressive number of technical bands that come from the area and this incomprehensible style that, let’s be clear, takes you nowhere.

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