SHOW REVIEW: Watain/In Solitude/Tribulation @ The Vex, Los Angeles, CA


“Find what you love and let it kill you…”

Charles Bukowski

 Oh Black metal! It is so easy to fool yourself into this genre by thinking that all the bands are just mere clowns under a curtain of cheap satanic paraphernalia and some fake mental problems that, at times, we miss the point completely. Before attending the Watain show at The Vex in Los Angeles, I was aware of their band’s affiliation with the Misantrophic Luciferian Order (now renamed Temple of the Black Light), their personal views of life and their music, but most importantly their perfectly executed albums. But I guess no matter how well prepared you are, at times you just need to leave things up in the air and wait for them to, somehow, work.

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REVIEW: Pinkish Black -Razed to the Ground (2013) Century Media


One of the great things of being a music connoisseur/fan/nerd/musician/open minded/stubborn Spaniard is that no matter how shitty some music sounds at a certain point of your life, somehow it always comes back to you and hits you like a train. But, do you know why I never liked this band before?  Because I never sat down and listened to them!! This is a band that you can’t fall in love by listening to some shitty online samples on your phone or YouTube clips, you need to sit the fuck down and open your ears. Sounds easy but it is not.

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