REVIEW: Sloths – Knives (2013)

sloths knivesWhy are we here? Why were we created by God? What’s the meaning behind some of the suffering that we encounter in this life? All these questions may sound irrelevant or unnecessary to review music but in this case are very important as some of them are filled with one of the most important elements in music: passion; the same one that makes us question why, the one that moves us to fight against fear, or for the same reasons, the passion to express ourselves in any other way.

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REVIEW: Cercenatory – Goryfication Of All Mental Diseases (2013)


Let’s be clear for a second, as much as I love slam, the genre lately is just a pile of unlistenable bands without any ideas worth mentioning. Yes, most of those bands are brutal, but are also annoying as hell, and to be honest they give a bad name to the genre which is just “guilty” of being one of the most satisfying ones when you are in the mood for it, in my case when I go to sleep or on a plane.

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