REVIEW: Locrian – Return to Annihilation (2013) Relapse Records


When it comes to minimalistic and “animalistic” experimental music Locrian always hits the nail in the head. Their music, which is a mix of droning elements, black metal atmospheres and just plain eerie sounds, is as moving and disturbing as the desolated album cover. Now that Deafheaven have open the door of urban angst with the release of their second album Sunbather, there is no better time to allow Locrian into your own world.

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REVIEW: Black Sabbath – 13 (Vertigo/Universal)


To make this introduction short, 13 is one of the most anticipated albums this year because of a several  reasons; it is the return of Black Sabbath, the band that created heavy metal, or at least the ones that inspired hundreds of bands to join the ranks of evil music; it is also their first album since 1995 and the first one with Ozzy Osbourne in 35 years, but it is also the return of  ¾ of the original line-up as supposedly Bill Ward stepped out of this reunion because of “legal reasons”. With a curriculum and a legendary status like Sabbath it is hard to comprehend why the band has decided to record new music, but after listening to 13 almost everything makes sense.

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REVIEW: Before the Eyewall – S/T (2013)


The band will be playing a FREE SHOW tonight June 3rd in Los Angeles!!

The Down and Out
501 S Spring St, Los Angeles,
California 90013

When I read the labels doom, post rock or atmospheric, I always think about endless and monotonous pieces of music that don’t really take you anywhere. Maybe I’m not getting the joke here but having feedback for 10 minutes and then repeating one riff for 20 minutes while some keyboards draw an imaginary picture of evanescence is not my idea of having fun listening to music. I enjoy groove though, and repetition, especially if there is a huge and greasy riff behind.

That last thought leads me directly to this band.

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