REVIEW: Deafheaven – Sunbather (2013) Deathwish


While the whole world wets its pants with this album, I’m a little bit suspicious about it. Since the beginning of its creation, the label Post-Black Metal has been a very thick one to swallow and it is one that in most cases involves pedantry and hipsterism bullshit. Deafheaven has fallen directly in this category, but this curse has only helped them to get better, stronger and more respected in some circles.

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REVIEW: Syrebris – Aetheric Dynamics (2013) Self Released



Progressive metal is a curious beast. Loathed by some and loved by others, it has become the genre label of choice for some bands to excuse their nonsensical compositions. As a huge fan of progressive metal and jazz fusion, I think those two genres go hand in hand where it seems one is the natural progression of the other, but how can a band be successful at mixing technicality and “headbangability” without losing the human factor?

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SHOW REVIEW: Bloodletting North America Tour @ The Airliner, Los Angeles CA


There is feeling of anticipation when you are on your way to a metal show. You know that you are going to experience a sweaty and sometime bloody affair that not only is going to let you drained mentally but also physically. Technical death metal is one of my favorite genres ever, but I also agree that at times it can be a little bit tedious as the sterile productions that bands use these days just suck the life out the compositions; because of that, I was really excited to hear how those records translate into a live show setting.

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Review: Portal – Voxovoid (Profound Lore Records)


Towards the end of “Kilter” the first song that you will hear in Vexovoid, I looked around and double checked if someone was in the room. It is a terrifying track that sounds like if a slimy creature is coming out from the bottom of the earth hungry for human flesh. It is disturbing how unfunny Portal songs are. They are just evil manifestations of dissonant riffs and unorthodox drumming with somebody grunting underneath all that.

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