REVIEW: Svart Crown – Profane (2013) Listenable Records


Svart Crown is a French band that has been active since 2005. During that time I don’t know why I haven’t check them out, which is infuriating as they are absolutely amazing. During that time I’ve been listening to really mediocre albums while ignoring Svart’s Crown past efforts, unforgettable!. Thanks to the good people of Listenable Records, I have another chance to redeem myself and enjoy this remarkable and well written piece of demonic metal.

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REVIEW: Niacin – Krush (2013) Prosthetic Records


Something is changing in the world of Metal. Could it be that now that bands are getting more and more technical, metalheads are more inclined to discover the forbidden world of Jazz fusion to get their fix of musical masturbation? I’m saying this because it is really surprising that a pure metal label like Prosthetic Records has decided to release this album, and after listening to the results it seems like a good move.

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REVIEW: Incendios – El Cuerpo Humano (2013)


Incendios no es una nueva criatura nacida de la nada, sino una extremidad pegada a un torso llamado Atencion Tsunami. Desde los lejanos tiempos cuando se llamaban Health Control, el quinteto madrileno lleva forjando la formula de la cancion pop con arreglos experimentales ya desde hace unos buenos anos. Si bien el grupo siempre ha tirado mas por derroteros poco ortodoxos, siempre ha habido espacio para una pizca de melodia y pop en sus composiciones y letras.

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SONG REVIEW: Black Sabbath – God is Dead? (2013)


I’m sure by now most of you have already an opinion about the new Sabbath album. Some people think that the new album titled “13” is not necessary, while some others have been holding their pee in excitement since they heard the news. I’m somewhere in between, I think that if Black Sabbath is going to release another Ozzy solo album under the name of a classic band that’s sacrilege, but if they really think that they have something worth recording that can stand the test of time like their previous albums, why not?.

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REVIEW: Hummano – Is The Shit (2013)


Nada mas echarle un vistazo a la portada de Hummano decidi que este grupo no iba a valer la pena. Con una estetica que recuerda a los terrible raperos Goldie Lookin Chain, el cuarteto de Madrid presenta su nuevo disco despues de causar una buena sensacion con su primera demo, la desternillantemente titulada, Pordetralus.

Goldie Lookin Chain in 2009

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REVIEW: Kvelertak – Meir



Probably I was one of the very few people that weren’t blown away by Kveletak’s debut album back in 2010. I couldn’t help but feel bored by the similarity between most of the songs. Their own blend of black metal and AC/DC rock riffs was truly unique and highly addictive; it also magically worked both live and in the studio, but that didn’t make me go back to the album after a three of four spins.

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