Inter Arma prepare the ground for their “Sky Burial”

The Richmond quintet Inter Arma has released a new song from their upcoming new album “Sky Burial”. The track is called “sblood” and it’s really epic and hypnotic. It sounds like one of those tribal songs from Neurosis’ ” A Sun that Never Sets” but heavier and more twisted. It seems that the band has improved the sound, has worked a lot with textures and atmospheres and it’s ready to add new elements to their already “rich” music. I’m really in love with this track.

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REVIEW: Azoic- Gateways (2012)

Read my review of one of the best Metal albums of 2012: Azoic: Gateways!!

“Gateways” is a monster of a debut. A compilation of influences and styles so solid, personal and well done that is scary. Just please, somebody sign these guys.

You can get this amazing album from free here:

Or you can stream it in full here:

Don’t thank me, thank and support the band!

Oceano just got to the bottom of the sea (song review)

I’m really impressed by the unnatural talent of death-core bands to produce cloning songs. But I’m even more impressed with Earache releasing this absolutely subpar and reheated mix of boring vocals, lifeless production and even more unexciting songs. This is insane. Earache should be ashamed of having this band under their wings. I understand labels wanting to make money with popular and trendy bands like Asking Alexandria, or when even Roadrunner signed Nickelback. At least sign bands that fucking sell records, don’t sign Oceano.

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Supergroup: Pinnick,Gales & Pridgen

What happens when you put dUg Pinnick (King’s X), Eric Gales (Eric Gales Band, Lauryn Hill) and Thomas Pridgen (ex Mars Volta) together in a room? well, basically they are able to write incredible tunes like the one below. “Hang on, Big Brother” is an spectacular song that has everything: insane musicianship, great delivery, catchy vocals hooks and groovy as funk!

I didn’t know about this project but I will check it out for sure once is released by Magna Carta on February 12.

Order here:

Katalepsy – Autopsychosis (2013)

Smells like best of 2013 around here!

Now with Unique Leader behind them, Katalepsy return with probably one of the most brutal recordings you are going to hear this year. This is the album that most death core bands have been trying to write for now whatever years without any luck. It is the perfect bridge between underground slam mixed with death metal and technical guitar wizardry.

I wasn’t a big fan of the band to be honest. Their 2007 debut album ”Musick Brings Injuries” was just another slab of generic slam that didn’t show any promise, but with this new release they just blew the roof off. It is kind of the same transformation that happened to Abominable Putridity with their last album “The Anomalies of Artificial Origin”.

A pleasant and brutal surprise!

Order the cd from Unique Leader here:!/~/product/category=1483328&id=18006556



Best of the Unknown: Colosso

BEST OF THE UNKNOWN: the place where I tell you about unknown bands that kick serious ass.

In this first piece of Best of the Unknown, I would like to talk about Colosso:

This album came of out nowhere and destroyed everything on his path. Written and performed by a Portuguese gentleman, Max Tomé with the collaboration of the insane Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, Aborted, Scarve, Bent Sea, Devin Townsend) on drums. This is a monolithic and vicious album that has super tight songwriting while keeping the brutality intact. This album pisses on top on the new boring Cryptopsy.

Get the album and listen to it here:


Noisey Documentary: Jacob Bannon

Another Noisey documentary, and another beautifully made and super interesting piece. This time covering Converge’s frontman and overall artist Jacob Bannon.

Check it out because it is a pleasure to hear this man talking about his life, his art and other tribulations.

Devourment is coming!

I’m right now getting excited while listening to the new Devourment track titled “Fifty Ton War Machine”. It is a complete departure from their original sound so I’m sure legions of fans are going to get irritated by this new “mainstream” direction.

To me, the song sounds refreshing, heavy and brutal as f***. It still contains typical slam elements but integrated in a more approachable way. Lately I’ve been getting bored by slam band just sounding the same, so I hope this album can be the one that takes the genre to the next level.

We are talking Devourment here folks.

“Conceived in Sewage” will be released by Relapse Records on Feb 19th 2013.

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